The Library #ideadrop house will return this year again to connect the energy of the library community with the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit pervasive in Austin for salon-style conversations in our library living room on March 7-11, 2014. Vist in person or on the live stream here. All times listed are local Austin time/ Central time.

E-Resources and Libraries (ER&L), ProQuest and the Digital Library Federation (DLF) are joined in Austin by an awesome group of orgs representing libraries, archives and museums. Meet them all.

Address: 1706 Garden St, Austin, TX 78702        Email: erl.sponsor@gmail.com
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Lauren Comito

Urban Librarians Unite
Director of Operations

Raised by a pack of wild ferrets, Lauren Comito killed a man with her mind at the age of three. In the scant few years which have passed since she has divided her time between being an interplanetary socialite and an assassin of dictators. Held in the highest regard by the secret cabal that rules the universe she is a secret recipient of the Nobel Prize, the Congressional Medal of Honor, and Time’s Woman of the year.

Alternately, she is a kick-ass technology training librarian working in Queens while raising a family and running a startup not for profit, but really, which scenario is more believable?